Case Study


Online system provides AAON Sales Representatives with ability to purchase AAON parts, literature, and residential units online. AEShip API is used to provide shipping options for users. It also has admin site to allow CSR to print the shipping labels. Users can also track their order online and that information is provided by AEShip track API.

NSC - National Safety Council

MS CRM system and ecommerce store provides customer and users with ability to choose the rate across various shipping carrier. CRM system integrates with AEShip API to perform shipping, and label printing for domestic or international shipment. It also provides quick way to estimate the shipping cost without placing the online order.


Online school system uses AEShip FedEx and UPS API to provide customer residential or commercial rate based on customer type. It also uses shipping method to ship the shipment and track the shipment after placing the order. It provides multiple rates based on number of items purchase with special discounted rate for shipping based on how accounts are setup.

Meierotto Midwest Jewelers

Online ecommerce store integrates with AEShip API to provide customer shipping options based on selected carrier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS. It also provides user with special discount on shipping cost based on promotion setup in ecommerce store. AEShip track API is used to provide customer real time tracking information.